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Have you ever watched a young child plead with their parents for something they want? It can be quite funny as some just drop to the floor in the middle of the mall and won’t move until they get what they want. Have you seen that or have you ever done that? There are definitely some lessons we can learn from our children and apply to our daily life.

Lesson 1Perseverance

My daughter, Lily, has the will to achieve and get what she wants at any cost. Yes, at first she may resort to the drop to the floor tactics, but when she realizes that’s not going to work she becomes a lot more strategic. She recently wanted a mermaid tale that apparently is all the rage with little girls at the pool. Of course Lily asked if we’d buy it for her. When we said ‘no’ she didn’t give up. She got on her iPad and started to do some research. She learned all about the benefits and began devising a plan to get her coveted mermaid tail. A few days later she came to us with her data. She showed us the pictures, all the uses and fun things she could do with it and on and on. She then learned after we said no again, that she could possibly earn the money to buy one herself. Now, her focus shifted to asking for the money to finding out how she could make the money to buy her prize.

Lesson 2 – Focus

Lily has been learning basic math and learning about money – what all the coins and bills mean. She knows the cost of the mermaid tail, around $99US, and set on a course to work for her goal. She has been obsessed with counting her money and asking us, every day, what she can do to earn more money. My wife will give her things to do, in addition to her daily chores, so she can earn some extra money. Lily is so focused on what she wants and how she’s going to get it that anyone looking from the outside in, knows she will get her prize.

Lesson 3 – Art of Influence

As I’ve watched Lily try to sell us on the features and benefits of this incredible swimming apparatus, I’ve observed how she’s adjusted her tactics to influence our decision. After all, her decision is made and she just needs to wait for us to get on board. At the pool, the other day, a friend of hers had one and Lily made sure to try it on so we could see how great she looks in it and how much fun she was having.

Tail End

Our kids teach us so much about life. During this obsession with a mermaid tail, Lily has definitely reminded me how to be persistent, what staying focused can accomplish, and how the art of influence to bring you your desired dreams.

P.S. – Don’t tell Lily but she’s getting her mermaid tail for her birthday.

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Author: Bryan Oliver

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