Goal Achievement
Goal Achievement

I am venturing to guess that you are here because you are interested in learning to master goal achievement. Here’s a question for you. Do you have goals? I would venture to say that if you are reading this the answer is an emphatic – YES! Now for the next question – Do you have them written down? Some of you will say yes to this. For those of you that said no, that’s ok, that is part of what you will learn here as you learn goal achievement. Finally, do you look at them every day? The reality is a very small subset of those that set goals look at them on a consistent basis. Wherever you’re at, I will show you how you can set and achieve your goals consistently and effectively.

Step 1 – Dream. Yes, Dream. On a blank sheet of paper I want you to write down your dreams. Some of them may be realistic and some of them may seem impossible. Write them all down and don’t filter. There are no wrong answers and no dream is too big
Step 2 – Categorize them into short term (1-2 months), Intermediate (2 months to 1 year), Long-term (1-5 years) goals
Step 3 – Look at your short term goals and identify your top five you think you can implement the fastest
Step 4 – Write each one down on a 3 X 5 card and pick ONE that you will tackle first
Step 5 – Look at all five every day – when you get up, before you go to bed, and periodically throughout the day
Step 6 – For the goal you chose to work on first, write down the steps you need to take in order to achieve it – your plan of action
Step 7 – Take the daily action and do what you know to be true and not what you feel
Step 8 – Check your progress each day and make sure your actions are in line with your plan and the goal you are after

Once you accomplish your first goal, you will have proven to yourself that you can follow the outlined steps above and are well on your way to consistent goal achievement. The next step is to pick the next goal then rinse and repeat for each goal. Stay consistent with these steps and you will find, over time, that you will become a master at goal achievement.

Reality Check

Peter grew up in a middle class home and really wanted for nothing. He got average grades in school, excelled in sports, and really had every opportunity to succeed in anything he desired. However, he lacked two key ingredients that held him back – 1) No direction or goals 2) Little to no action. These two components followed him throughout his life into early adulthood.

He started his college career at a community college and bounced from one major to another. After three years his dad asked him how many classes he had left to get an Associate’s degree. Not having given it much thought, Peter said he didn’t know and went to see a school counselor to find out. A few days later Peter learned that all he needed to do was apply as he had garnered enough credits to qualify for a degree in Liberal Arts. With that, he applied and was awarded his degree. During that time he applied to attend a local university and study business.

Once at the university, Peter still followed the same pattern he did before at the junior college level. He took scattered classes that interested him and never set any goals for what he wanted to do, let alone what it would take to complete his Bachelor’s degree. Since he lacked direction and little action, he eventually ended failing his classes and was kicked out of the school. From there he bounced around from job to job trying to find his way, while still living at home with his parents.

Peter signifies the antithesis of what needs to be done when it comes to goal achievement. You see, Peter is in fact me. I mention at the beginning of my book Habits that I was a mess. You can see why. I first learned about setting goals when I read Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins. At the time I had started back to school for another shot at completing my degree; the goal setting I learned started me on a path toward a series of successes in the ensuing years.

It doesn’t matter where you came from or where you are now. You can set your goals, create a plan of action, and achieve anything in life you want. The first thing you need to do just start. So go dream big and you WILL become an expert at goal achievement.

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Author: Bryan Oliver

Bryan Oliver is the founder of www.flight4success and is a strategic leader, success coach, and best-selling author. Bryan coaches on confidence, mindset, and habit creation to help you reach your dreams.

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