Tom and Charlie were best friends growing up. They were on all the same sports teams and did just about everything together. In high school, they were captains of the football team; Tom was the quarterback and led the offense while Charlie led the defense. Both were also strong academically and received football and academic scholarships to the colleges of their choice. After high school they both headed off to college with promising futures.

Fast forward 10 years. Tom runs a successful business coaching young athletes and his business continues to grow each year under his leadership. He loves what he does and is enjoying life. Charlie, on the other hand, has office job he hates and is constantly looking for a way to get out. He feels stuck. He makes too much to quit but not enough to reach his dreams and goals. Every week gets that sick feeling on Sunday night, knowing he’s about to start yet another week doing something he loathes.

Both of these young men had the same opportunities with equal talent. What was the difference? The answer is Intention. Below are 3 ways to use Intention to create your success.

Success Step 1 – Decide

The first thing you must do is decide what you want. If you want a certain position or want to own a business, decide what that position or business will be. Too many people simply take what they are given, when they actually have the choice to decide what they want or where they want to be in life. So, the choice is yours. Have you decided what you want?

Success Step 2 – Be Clear

The next step is get very clear about what you want or where you want to be. You may need to do a little research. In Tom’s case, he needed to understand as much as he could about what it would take to coach young athletes and how to run a business. He found a mentor that already had the coaching and business success he wanted. In doing so, he was able to get very clear on how he wanted his business to look – the types of clients, how is offerings would be structured, and even the outcomes he expected his athletes to have after his coaching.

Success Step 3 – Take Action

The final step seems to be an obvious one. However, you’d be surprised how often people fail on this step. There are a myriad of reasons why some don’t take action, but the most common is good old fashion FEAR. For some, fear paralyzes them from doing what it takes to accomplish what they want in life. For some, the action step is something so doable but their too afraid of what people may think or say. You can’t live your life worrying about what others will think or say your dreams of success. Quite frankly, most won’t think or say anything because they are absorbed in their own lives worrying about what you and others will think or say. Get the point?


Take the time to understand these 3 steps and be intentional about your success. You see, you can achieve anything you want in life. Just DECIDE what it is you want, BE very CLEAR on what that looks like, and TAKE the necessary ACTION to make it happen.

Are you willing to be Intentional and go after your dreams? You should, and just in case nobody’s told you lately, YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

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Author: Bryan Oliver

Bryan Oliver is the founder of www.flight4success and is a strategic leader, success coach, and best-selling author. Bryan coaches on confidence, mindset, and habit creation to help you reach your dreams.

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